Rise of the Runelords

My Pathfinder adventure path campaign ran from January 2009 to June 2010, for a total of 39 sessions. All the logs appear on this site. Pretty much all session logs are spoilers for the adventure path, available from Paizo.


Module 1: Burnt Offerings

  • Part 1: Goblin Attack and Miscellaneous Courtings
  • Part 2: Goblin Education and Infestation, …
  • Part 3: or Ghastly Goings-on at the Glassworks
  • Part 4: Dungeon Crawling for Great Justice
  • Part 5: In the Weeds
  • Part 6: Goblin Teenagers…
  • Part 7: at Camp Thistletop
  • Part 8: We Could be…
  • Part 9: Happy Underground
  • Part 10: The Secret to Boss Fights…
  • Part 11: is Alcohol for the GM

The Skinsaw Murders

The Hook Mountain Massacre

Fortress of the Stone Giants

Sins of the Saviors

The Spires of Xin-Shalast

Final Character Sheets

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