Our world is old: far older than any can comprehend. Civilizations rise, and then are crushed beneath the feet of the Titans. The higher the heights, the further the fall. Only the treasures buried beneath the earth survive. Those who delve beneath find remnants of the many times we were great. Each time, society was erased.

We’re not even sure they mean to. Over a dozen godlike beings, unable or unwilling to communicate. Some seem to actively destroy our greatest workings. Others simply ignore them, but take no pains to keep from killing swaths of mortals when their ramblings bring them into our cities. We are to them as insects are to us: at worst an annoyance, at best an interesting curiosity.

The world is large. It can be centuries between the times a Titan’s path brings it through your society. Time to learn and grow. Time to wrest secrets from the old worlds. One of the greatest secrets is the magic of the Titans themselves. The Wizards and Bards have codified it, made it safe. The Sorcerers have inherited it, filtered through the blood of ancestors that mingled with the lesser spawn of the Titans. The others… they invoke it. Druids, Clerics, Warlocks, and Paladins may mean well, but they are essentially worshiping the Titans. Founding cults to them.

And a cult to a Titan is the surest way to bring it down upon your head, smashing your city around it.

The Titans are not everything to us. There are few and, though they are immensely destructive, they cannot be everywhere at once. Like hurricanes and earthquakes, kingdoms can go decades or centuries without an encounter (as long as they keep the cults from forming). Yet, time and time again, their ramblings and their battles become the backdrop of purely mortal conflicts.

And what can a mortal do against the gods themselves but cower and hide?


Gargantuan Aberration
Great Old One Patron, Aberrant Mind Bloodline

A massive, tentacled worm that burrows deep beneath the earth (Neothelid), the Cthonian’s motivations are even more inscrutable than all the other Titans. Its peers seem more likely to attack it, when it makes itself known, and some theorize that it does not even originate from this world.


Gargantuan Beast
Peace Domain, Circle of the Shepherd, Oath of Redemption

A tremendous bird that resembles an owl, this ancestor of the rocs is the least involved with the world of all its compatriots. It is a rare event that makes it descend from the skies to ravage civilization, and others seem to leave it alone. For this, it has become a symbol of peace. Pray you are not one of the rare societies it descends upon.


Gargantuan Celestial
Light Domain, Divine Soul Bloodline, Oath of Devotion, Celestial Patron

Rarely seen as more than a bright light shrouded in multiple, immense wings, Azrael is the death of iniquity. Societies that have become too jaded, with corruption and harm against its least citizens encoded into their structure, seem to inevitably attract this Titan. The innocent are sometimes spared, should they run quickly enough for the hills.


Gargantuan Construct
Order Domain, Clockwork Soul Bloodline

All technology has been derived from observation of the clockwork Titan, aeon upon aeon. An undulating conglomeration of gearwork and levers, Talos moves upon its own unknowable schedule. The greatest heroes have stolen pieces of Talos for scientists to examine… and the cities where they took them eventually are visited by the Titan.


Gargantuan Dragon
Circle of Wildfire, Draconic Bloodline

An immense, multi-headed beast, winged and scaled, Tiamat makes its home in the highest places. All dragons are descended from it, and its movements bend to theirs. It is bad enough to know that a dragon has its lair near your town; worse to realize that this makes it much more likely that Tiamat will eventually visit to receive tribute from its spawn.


Gargantuan Elemental
Tempest Domain, Storm Sorcery Bloodline, Fathomless Patron

Were the oceans not deadly enough for mortals, beneath the waves dwells Leviathan. Few can even speculate on its appearance, and, unlike the other Titans, even swiftly moving scouts cannot herald its coming. Within the water, it is invisible until it strikes. Those that build near the sea forever fear that it might destroy them.


Gargantuan Fey
Twilight Domain, Circle of Dreams, Archfey Patron

This hunched humanoid being is a caricature of an elf, with colorful skin and vast, sharp ears. It gambols across the land, the only Titan with a sense of humor, it seems. Those that have been destroyed by its jests do not find them funny. Like many of its lesser kin, it can teleport, thwarting attempts to bar it access. It seems to hate Balor most of all.


Gargantuan Fiend
Oath of Conquest, Fiend Patron

Red-skinned, bat-winged, and single-eyed, this crouching Titan seems to have the opposite agenda of Azrael: it is the death of just societies. There have been few utopias in history—cities where all were equal, and justice and resources were distributed fairly—and it has swept them all beneath the burning ray of its gaze.


Gargantuan Giant
Forge Domain, Circle of Stars, Oath of Vengeance

The only Titan to regularly use weapons, Thor is distinguishable from the others that vaguely resemble humanoids by the city-sized hammer it drags behind. The weapon constantly draws thunderbolts from the stormclouds that follow in its wake. It seems completely unconcerned with mortals, but will seek other Titans for the joy of battle.


Gargantuan Humanoid
Knowledge Domain, Oath of Glory, Wild Magic Bloodline, Genie Patron

The Titan that is friendliest to mortals, this apelike beast can at least show emotions upon its face. It often chooses a small handful of mortals throughout the world that it considers friends, to be protected. It tends to avoid harming other mortals that have not attacked it, but gives little thought to not crushing them when it does battle.


Gargantuan Monstrosity
War Domain, Circle of the Moon, Oath of the Watchers

Some claim the Tarrasque is the greatest of all the Titans. None knows where it goes when it is not active: unlike the others, it does not wander constantly, but seems to sleep and then rise when needed. This need is inevitably to bring overreaching Titans to heel. A shame that it cares not for mortals that are destroyed in these battles.


Gargantuan Ooze
Life Domain

Flowing through the caverns of the world, the Oblex is referenced in the oldest surviving texts as the primordial essence from which all life originated. A colorful sea of protoplasmic slime, it tends to drown cities more often than it crushes them. New and varied life always springs quickly from the structures it destroys in its passage.


Gargantuan Plant
Nature Domain, Circle of the Land, Oath of the Ancients

A tree the size of kingdoms, Yggdrasil moves slowly, but inevitably. Often, its process cannot even be observed, except in hindsight. It takes days to cover miles, making it easier to flee before it, but this does little for the structures crushed beneath. Some brave souls attempt to live on it, though this is rarely safe for long.


Gargantuan Undead
Grave Domain, Circle of Spores, Hexblade Patron, Shadow Magic Bloodline

The smallest and most fragile of the Titans, this being reconstitutes itself whenever there is a large enough collection of graves. Civilizations with knowledge of history and a hope to grow burn their dead for just this reason. Those that bury them are counting down to a visit from the Nightwalker. A shame that so many forget about the charnel pits of their abattoirs: the Nightwalker does not rise merely from the bones of humanoids.