Some Warlocks come by their pacts by inheritance, rather than deliberate choice. Straddling the line between Warlock and Sorcerer, their fell agreements are inherent in their blood. For some, this is actual descent from a pact-granting entity or one of its servitors. For others, it is a contract, geas, or curse that has been passed down a family line. In either case, this source of magic works as a pact rather than sorcery: the power is coming from the original entity, not the caster’s own blood.

In many ways, such an implicit bargain is more dangerous than a formal agreement: the Warlock has little idea of how much credit she’s taking out until the bill comes due. Some may seek to broker an actual contract later in their careers, switching to a different pact with a straightforward accounting of the bargain. She may even switch patrons completely: a blood-pact Warlock of a Fiend may swear her blade to an Archfey to save her soul (though she may learn that vassalage to the fey is a greater bondage in many ways).

Blood pact Warlocks are more likely even than other Warlocks to suddenly get notice that a patron has a quest that must be accomplished, and credit cut off cut off if it’s not completed in a reasonable time frame. Sometimes this is a mission no darker than any other quest. Others, it’s the inspiration to finally formalize the contract. Some such Warlocks never receive such a request… which may lead them to believe that they’re somehow accomplishing their patron’s goals without even intending to do so.

And that’s before the echoes start…

Pact Boon

At 3rd level, you learn two of the Metamagic options of the Sorcerer. These can be used only with spells cast with your Pact Magic.

To cast a spell using metamagic, treat your Warlock Slot Level as if it was 1-3 levels lower (based on the sorcery point cost of the metamagic), or half-level for Twinned Spell. For example, most metamagics are cast at one level lower, Quickened is cast at two levels lower, Heightened is cast at three levels lower, and Twinned Spell is cast at half its level (round down).

You can only cast spells of equal or lower level to the reduced slot (e.g., if you have 4th level slots and the Quickened and Subtle spell metamagics, you can cast any spell of 2nd or lower with Quickened, or any spell of 3rd level or lower with Subtle).

You may use metamatic with your Mystic Arcanum spells: treat the arcanum slot as working equivalently to a pact magic slot for this purpose. If the arcanum is reduced to 5th level or below, use it to cast any applicable spell you can cast with your pact magic slots. If it’s reduced to 6th level or higher, use it to cast the arcanum you have at that level.

Eldritch Invocations

Lesser Echoes

Prerequisite: 7th level, Pact of the Blood feature

You have begun to transform into a supernatural creature in service to your patron. This may be an echo of your ancestor, or the form your patron intends for you once your life as a mortal is complete. Choose a monster of a type related to your patron (e.g., devil or demon for the Fiend, fey for the Archfey, aberration for the Great Old One, etc.). You take on some minor cosmetic and personality features of the monster (possibly replacing one of your characteristics). Additionally, choose one of the monster’s traits and come up with an equivalent version for yourself that seems reasonable to you and your GM.

Suggested powers include gaining a resistance to an energy the monster is resistant or immune to, gaining a climb speed equal to half your normal speed, gaining a special attack equivalent to another attack at 7th level (or an enhancement to your attacks that can be used a limited number of times per rest), or gaining a special power equivalent to a 4th-level spell that you can use once per long rest.

You also choose another metamagic option (your third).

Greater Echoes

Prerequisite: 15th level, Lesser Echoes, Pact of the Blood feature

You have continued your transformation into a proper servitor for your patron. Choose even more obvious cosmetic and personality traits of the monster type (replacing another characteristic). Additionally, choose another power with your GM based on the monster’s capabilities.

Suggested powers include immunity to an energy type the monster is immune to, gaining a flight speed equal to your normal speed, gaining one of the monster’s special attack types (even really powerful ones), gaining a special power equivalent to a 2nd-level spell that you can use at will, an equivalent to a 4th-level spell that you can use once per short rest, or an equivalent to an 8th-level spell that you can use once per long rest.

You also choose another metamatic option (your fourth).