One of the key interactions in Chuubo’s is that each quest fits into multiple arcs, but at different stages of the arc. Something that works for step 2 of a Knight arc (exploring a problem) might also work for step 3 of a Mystic arc (putting together a doomed plan to move forward). When you get to a new step of your arc, you need to figure out which quests make sense for that step. You could use a static index to figure out these associations, but that’s less fancy than an application. The app also lets you open a .pdf directly to the page with the quest you select, and add your own quests.

Quest Sorter Windows App

As always, I solemnly promise that this is doing nothing but what’s described in this post to your PC.

What It Does

Select an arc from the combo box. Slide the tracker bar from 1-5 depending on what step of the arc you’re on. Click Search.

All quests that match that arc step appear in the list, indicating their name, XP value, book, and page number.

Select a quest and click Open PDF to jump to the indicated book and page number (this requires setting up the right file names).

Click Copy All to Clipboard to copy the list so you can paste it into another application.

Installing the App and Editing Resource Files

Extract everything in the .zip file to its own folder. Run the .exe file; it’s looking in its own folder for the .txt files. It’ll save you effort if the .exe is in the same folder as your .pdf files for the various game books (or one folder down).

There are two important .txt files that you should edit:


This file is essential to making the Open PDF button work.

The first line (that begins with //) explains what each pipe-separated entry means: the name of the book (that is included with the quest), how many pages the pdf’s page count is off from the printed page number, and the path to the .pdf file (“..\” means go up one directory from the folder where the program was opened; you could also just paste in the absolute path to your file).

The second line is the path to your Acrobat Reader installation; most people on Windows probably have the same path as mine, but if it doesn’t open the file, check to make sure your copy of Reader is where this path says it is.

The third and subsequent lines match the books as listed in the Quests.txt file (and which appear on the app’s output). I renamed mine from their defaults, so you have to change these entries to match whatever your .pdf files are named. Additionally, if you add any quests from books I don’t have listed, you need to add them as a new line to this .txt file (and remember to leave a blank line at the end of the file).


This file is a summary of every quest. The first line shows you what each field means, but to expand on that:

  • The first field is the quest name.
  • The second field is the XP value of the quest.
  • The third field is the book name (and must match a book name in FileLocations.txt if you want it to open the .pdf file).
  • The fourth field is the page number of that book the quest appears on.
  • The fifth-ninth fields are the arcs the quest matches for steps 1-5. If the quest matches multiple arcs at a step, they’re separated by a semicolon.

If you want to add new quests, just copy the format (and remember to leave a blank line at the end of the file). If you want to remove quests, just delete the whole line.