I’ll just add this here as reference for the Microscope review that’s probably coming Thursday. Things might make more sense then, if you’re not familiar with the game.


Big Picture

A civilization flees the planet around a collapsing star.



  • Magic and tech can integrate
  • Organic Computing
  • Magic Aliens
  • Pyramids
  • Multiple Native Sentient Species
  • Ghosts
  • Space Megastructures (e.g., Dyson Sphere)


  • White Magic (all magic has some corrupting influence)
  • FTL
  • Harmonious World Government
  • Souls


  1. The STAR!
  2. Magical Aliens
  3. The Search for a New Home
  4. Escape!


  • Lee: The Prophetic Telescope
  • Stephen: Octagagon
  • Wendy: S^3 (The Sorcery-Scientific Symposium)
  • Colin: Dinoworld

Periods, Events, and Scenes

(START) Period (DARK): Discovery of a Dying Star

Event (LIGHT): The Prophetic Telescope Goes Online

  • Scene (DARK): Why Did the Technomage attempt to sabotage the project?
    • The Prophetic Telescope Observatory, Night
    • Technomage (Lee), Burly the Security Guard (Colin), Widget the Repair Specialist (Wendy), Director Jupiter (Stephen)
    • Because the research says it’s a horrible idea that makes all future bad because it was seen with magic

Event (DARK): Scientists Announce Death of Star

  • Scene (DARK): Why Did They Choose to Announce This During the Octagagon Semifinals?
    • Government Planning Room, Afternoon
    • Dictate
    • Something significant is going to happen during an Octagagon match, so it’s important to stop it and get the news out with one fell swoop!

Period (LIGHT): The Church of the New Sun (Religious Bargaining)

Event (LIGHT): Alien Relics Found in a Pyramid Predict Space Jesus

Event (DARK): We Held a Party for Space Jesus and He Didn’t Come

Period (LIGHT): Light on the Horizon (Rise of Relic-Based Science)

Event (DARK): Gibbering Truth (Rise of a Space Alien Anchorite)

Period (LIGHT): The Long Hello (First Contact with Magical Aliens)

Event (LIGHT): We held a Party for Space Jesus and He Actually Came this Time

  • Scene (DARK): How Did the Church of the New Sun React to Space Jesus?
    • Stadium for the Octagagon Finals!
    • Space Jesus (Wendy), Famous Technomage Atheist (Stephen), Nearly-Washed-Out Octagagon Player (Lee), CotNS PR Rep (Colin)
    • Space Jesus raptured ghosts only (after magic eruption created mutants), therefore the Church now hates magic!

Period (DARK): The RECKONING (Panic and Anarchy)

Event (LIGHT): Angry Mob Burns Down Prophetic Telescope

Event (LIGHT): Ghost Solar Flare (Ghosts suddenly everywhere!)

Event (LIGHT): Totally Awesome Helper Pyramid Ghost

Event (DARK): All Giant Creatures Hunted to Extinction to Serve as Spaceships

  • Scene (DARK): Why Did We Kill All these Creatures Without a Plan?
    • Last magiliphant preserve, southern continent
    • Dictated
    • Because if we didn’t use them for spaceships, they would have just been turned into fertility powders

Event (LIGHT): First Ever S^3 (Sorcery-Scientific Symposium)

Period (LIGHT): Beyond the Stars! (Proof of Extra Offworld Homes)

Event (LIGHT): Discovery of Space Jesus’ Ship

Event (LIGHT): Discovery of Many Worlds that Support Life (but are Far Away)

Event (DARK): The Northern Collapse (Natural Disaster makes Northern Half of Major Continent Uninhabitable)

Event (DARK): Only One Habitable Planet Close Enough (Guess We’ll Go There)

  • Scene (DARK): Is the Planet Really Habitable?
    • Sorcery-Scientific Symposium (S^3)
    • Dictated
    • It has the atmosphere and resources, but we expect a lot of Sentient Dinosaurs riding Less-Sentient Dinosaurs (Do we have the right or capabilities to take this planet?).

(END) Period (LIGHT): Civilization Escapes the Planet

Event (DARK): Sabotage of the the Space Elevator

  • Scene (DARK): Why Did Magical Aliens Try to Blow Up the Space Elevator?
    • The Top of the Space Elevator
    • Dictated
    • Magical Aliens totally hate first humans off the elevator, and remember that they suck from way back when Space Jesus raptured them ghosts

Event (DARK): Space Battle over Evacuation Priority

Event (DARK): Mass Suicides (Makes a lot of spare ghosts…)

  • Scene (LIGHT): Why Did All the Suicides Occur?
    • On Public Television
    • Dictated
    • It turns out that if you choose to commit suicide, you can give extra evacuation lottery tickets to loved ones.

Event (LIGHT): The Ark Finds Dinosaurs After All (Space Jesus’ Ship to Dinoworld)

  • Scene (DARK): How Does Space Jesus’ Ship Work?
    • In Space Jesus’ Ship
    • Dictated
    • It burns ghosts (it wasn’t a Rapture after all, it was a pit stop!)
  • Scene (DARK): How Are We Gonna Get All of Those Ghosts in There?
    • Primary Spaceport
    • Dictated
    • We’re going to get the ruins of the Prophetic Telescope and find the next Ghost Flare and time our horrible, horrible ghost-sucking ritual for then
  • Scene (LIGHT): Does Humanity Escape Surfing a Giant Ghost Flare?
    • In Space Jesus’ Ship
    • Dictated
    • Yes, yes they totally do
  • Scene (DARK): What Was the Result of the Dino Wars?
    • The last human colony fort on Dinoworld
    • Dictated
    • At last armistice on a decimated planet, instead of a peace treaty, the Dinos unleash the Dinovirus, rewriting humanity into subservient dinosaurs.