Holiday weekend with the family, so you get the EMP Museum’s horror film timeline legend turned into a plot generator.

Mood/Style (d6):

What type of film should the game feel like? (optional)

  1. Body Horror
  2. Comedy
  3. Faux Documentary
  4. Mystery
  5. Psychological
  6. Suspense

Hook/Exposition (d8):

How do the PCs stumble across the plot?

  1. Carnival Tricks
  2. Creepy Castle
  3. Electronics
  4. Excavation
  5. Atomic
  6. Old House
  7. Science Experiments
  8. Roll Twice and Combine Results

Source/Conflict (d10):

What is at the root of the plot?

  1. Curse
  2. Disaster
  3. Disease
  4. Disfigurement
  5. Madness
  6. Murder
  7. Nature Revolts
  8. Phenomenon
  9. Revenge
  10. Torture

Antagonist/Character (2d4):

What kind of creature is either behind the conflict or created by it?

  1. Mundane:
    1. Country Folk
    2. Serial Killer
    3. Troubled Youth
    4. Reckless Teens
  2. Undead:
    1. Ghost
    2. Vampire
    3. Zombie
    4. Other
  3. Paranormal:
    1. Alien
    2. Urban Legend Monster (e.g., Cryptid)
    3. Shapeshifter
    4. Other
  4. Supernatural:
    1. Demon
    2. Evil Child
    3. Witch
    4. Occult Monster (e.g., Werewolf)


1-7-4-1-4: A group of teens show up with bizarre mutations and lost time after a night of urban exploration. Did they stumble across a science experiment and become lab rats, or were they just contaminated by something left in one of the buildings they were exploring? One of them is still missing… is he still held by their tormentors, or is he the half-seen figure shadowing the party? What do the heroes do when they start to feel sick halfway through the investigation, and their own skin starts to itch?

5-5-8-1-1: Rumors of strange phenomena near an old nuclear testing range reach the heroes. The folks in the nearby town are friendly, but seem to want to change the subject whenever the phenomena are brought up, and to get the party to go away. Who will the heroes trust when weird, dangerous things start to happen all around them, but the townsfolk never seem to notice? Are they protecting a powerful secret, or just running a con to pick up tourism? Either way, will they be willing to kill if cornered on their deception?

3-6-10-2-2: Driven into a big old house by a vicious and sudden storm, the party finds a seemingly abandoned mobile documentary suite in one of the rooms, including a camcorder. The footage still in the camera shows a small group of filmmakers setting up for their shoot, each taking cameras into various parts of the house. The film follows a spooky trip through the house, where other filmmakers are sometimes seen, and ends on a terrified soliloquy as the director explains that she’s leaving the camera in the suite for others to find while she goes to find help. As the heroes explore the house and find more cameras, it becomes increasingly obvious that there’s a seemingly impenetrable basement room in the house… and that it might contain a vampire that enjoys playing with his food.

4-1-2-3-1: The heroes attend a local fair that seems to be the common denominator in a series of similar paranormal events (strange lights and the like not long after the carnival left town). They play a series of games rigged in a way that seems to defy physics, such as darts curving through the air away from their targets. The mystery thickens as the party discovers that the carnival convoy was in an inexplicable road accident during a hurricane a few years ago. It turns out that they were crashed into by an overwhelmed spaceship full of weird tech that they’ve been trying to put to use. The peers of the dead pilot have been following the carnival’s trail, just a little behind the heroes, trying to find their missing friend… who is even now just another seemingly fake exhibit in the freakshow.