I’m prepping for another adventure path run, so here are a couple of game aids I put together this weekend.

Pathfinder Character Creation Worksheet

I always find I want blank paper to figure out ability scores when making a character anyway, and that it’s hard to hand a player new to this edition a regular sheet without it being overwhelming. This is a one page sheet that has just the stuff that a new player will need to decide during character creation (except languages, I always forget to add a space for languages…). It leaves off almost all calculated totals and other things that are necessary in play but distracting during character creation (particularly for newer players). Once you’re done, the GM or the player can transfer the information to a more robust sheet of your choice.

Party Member Relationship Cards

These are heavily based on the setup for Fiasco, albeit without making a group designed to immediately self destruct. Before full character creation, each pair of adjacent players at the table selects a card they’d like from the set (or you can randomize them to your preference), bases their characters around the relationships so created to their right and left, and each pair answers some questions about the relationship (including naming an NPC for the GM that is important to both). This is intended to produce heavily-linked parties that knew one another well before beginning adventuring (rather than just meeting in a tavern or guild).