D&D or Dogs in the Vineyard: Cleric

They say that this world was once full of civilization, cities from sea to sea. But that was before the vampires infected the gods just as surely as they’ve infected the land. The scholars say that it started slow, too quietly for even the gods to notice, so that when the war of the heavens began they were evenly matched. At the end, there was one true god left, the Sun, and an unknown number of vampire gods hiding in the shadows, waiting for Him to let His guard down. As above, so below: we live in warded cities, retreating inside the walls at night, because the wilds are full of the ravenous dead.

It’s hard living in the cities. There’s never enough to go around, and the Sun’s chosen do their best to maintain order. A lot of the time it seems too harsh. So some folks take their chances in the wilderness. They set up small stakes, ward their houses and villages as best they can, and try to live free. It’s a dangerous life, but easier on the spirit.

Inevitably, though, something happens. Vampires move in nearby and start picking off the strays. Something far older and worse than vampires wakes up. Someone in town throws morality to the winds and starts jeopardizing the sanctity of the wards. That’s why we have the Clerics.

Men and women blessed by the Sun and given the power to stand against the darkness, they ride forth from the dawn cities to police the boundaries. Each of them wields power to burn and drive back a mob of the dead, and as a group they’re often unstoppable…

At least until the vampires organize behind a clever leader, or one of their own members starts to doubt.