Pendragon: Secure Fortress

“Sir Matthew of West Nohaut, I bring news!”

“Please, just Sir Matthew, speak not to me of Nohaut. I pray to claim lands closer to Camelot soon, and, eventually, win a seat at the Table.”

“But your lands are central to that of which I speak. Last night, that vicious blackguard Lord Frost was captured making for Newcastle.”

“Lord Frost the dishonored knight? He that abandoned his seat at the Table to work as a common mercenary across the sea?”

“The very same. He seems to have learned something of dire military import and is trying to smuggle it north of the Wall. We need somewhere loyal to the King to secure him while he is interrogated.”

“I am ever Arthur’s loyal knight, but I will not turn my hand to torture.”

“Worry not, Sir Knight, the wardens that caught him will bear any shame. They merely need a secure place to work…”

“Lord Frost! A score of knights, crests hidden, just besieged my home! The wardens are falling. As my prisoner, it is my duty to protect you.”

“Where was such honor when those men sought to break me? No matter. Have you a wife? Children?”

“None as yet?”

“Good. We must flee. Those are Mordred’s men, and they will slay all in this home but me to hide their deed and seek to uncover my secrets for their own master. Our only hope is to escape. You should go your own way and try to find who sold you out!”

“No. I’ll see you returned to safe imprisonment by those loyal to the crown. To Camelot itself if I must! We will flee, but you remain unarmed and my prisoner.”

“We shall see…”