D&D: Wraith Covenant

“A dozen courtiers saw you fleeing from the royal palace after it collapsed.”

“It wasn’t us, Your Grace, we were set up. We were warned that one of the crypts beneath the palace held some kind of undead threat that might be waking up. When we got there, the tomb was already empty… except for the skeletons undermining the whole structure. We barely made it out ourselves!”

“You’ve adventured in my kingdom for years, and I know you’ve grown accustomed to my support… but I can’t give it to you this time. My nearest neighbors think that I sent you to kill them. Four members of the royal family are dead, their palace is destroyed, and their family crypts are collapsed. They’re threatening to go to war…”


“…unless I disavow you and make an honest attempt to deliver you to them.”

“I see.”

“You’ve done more for this kingdom than anyone else in centuries, but we can’t survive a war with our neighbors. Any members of your guild that weren’t involved can turn themselves over to royal guard custody until this blows over. The rest of you will be branded a splinter group of political dissidents… and hunted.”

“But Your Grace, there’s still an undead threat out there that’s already a step ahead of us. It could threaten all of the kingdoms!”

“And I hope that you’ll be able to stop it. If you can prove the threat, you can clear your names. Your quest, should you choose to accept it, is to save the world despite itself.”