ASoIaF RPG: Dangerous Archaeology

I’ll tell you one thing about the war of however many kings there are this week: it’s the perfect setting for a lot of off-the-books excavation. Most of the time, the lords take a dim view of strangers wandering around old ruins that happen to be on their land with a bunch of sturdy men with shovels. These days, Winter is Coming if you believe the Starks. Hard not to, with what we’ve seen. The lords have bigger problems, and the brigands tend to go after easier prey. A band just big enough to be dangerous but just small enough to hide can wander far unmolested.

In the past few months we’ve made half a dozen digs. We’ll show those jerks at the Citadel that wouldn’t let us finish our chains who was right after all. All of this is pointing to a bigger picture than those hidebound relics would ever believe. The seasons. The red star. The children of the forest. All of it will be explained once we breach the secret tomb of the First Men. What secrets we’ll learn about our history!

What we weren’t expecting to find was a sheet of ice blocking the entrance. Sure, it’s far enough underground that it could conceivably stay solid even in Summer, but it seems worked. One of our Northmen said it looked a lot like the Wall before he swore us off and left. Superstitious tree-worshipper. He won’t have his name added to the books they’ll write about our discoveries.

Tomorrow we take our small band and we cut through the barrier. Tomorrow, we’ll be the first for thousands of years to see the original works of our ancestors. Tomorrow, we’ll learn so much…