The new Warhammer Fantasy RPG uses an abstract method of ranges and movement. The basic idea is:

  • Extreme range is really far away and only certain ranged weapons can attack from this far. It takes three move maneuvers to get to Long range.
  • Long range is the maximum range for most ranged weapons. It takes two move maneuvers to get to Medium range.
  • Medium range is the standard ranged attack distance. It takes one move maneuver to get to Close range.
  • Close range is basically “just outside melee reach” and is common for spell ranges. It takes one move maneuver to Engage with another opponent at Close range.
  • Engaged means you’re in a melee scrum with opponents (or just adjacent to allies). It takes one move maneuver to safely extricate yourself back to Close range.

This is all well and good if there’s one big burly brawl that all the melee guys are trying to get to and all the ranged characters are firing into, but it quickly becomes confusing if there are multiple engagements, enemy ranged characters spaced differently around the fight, and other difficulties. Even if everyone is in a straight line, it’s hard to answer questions like “My ally and I were at Long range and he just moved to Medium range from the enemies. Can I still target him with a Close range buff spell?”

This system converts the ranges to a less abstract system to answer these questions more easily. It still uses the same distance measurements and movement rules, but requires either a ruler or a grid (preferably a hex grid to make diagonal movement easier).

One move maneuver allows a character to move two spaces, except when extricating from an Engagement, in which case it only allows once space.

Ranges work according to the following chart:

Spaces Range
0 Engaged (and all other characters contiguously based are in the same Engagement)
1 Close
2 Medium
3-6 Long
7-12 Extreme
13+ Out of range



Ranges for WFRP