A discussion about how you could actually see the Brotherhood of Mutants as the geek-friendly outcast kids and the X-Men as the popular kids, mixed with a healthy dose of X-Men Evolution, led to this setup and list of possible leads and extras for a Smallville game.

A historic county an hour north of Manhattan, Westchester is the go-to home for Big Apple commuters of means. In particular, many foreign diplomats find the area appealing for its culturally sensitive schools and safe neighborhoods. Thus, it is a bit of an international mixing pot in the guise of a small New England county.

But it has a secret. Little known to most of the world, the Millennial Generation has the highest tendency of beneficial mutation of any previous generation. Several of the most powerful mutants of Generation X have worked long and hard to manipulate events to move many of the most promising such children to this small suburb where they can be watched, trained, and cultivated for the inevitable day that mutants become common knowledge to the world.

Most have found themselves at Westchester High School, a melting pot of American and International students. But with the normal angst of teens, the secret of super powers, and the unexplained manipulation by various forces within the school, this place may soon go from melting pot to ticking time bomb.


Westchester High

  • Adler, Irene (Destiny) – Registrar
  • Darkholme, Raven (Mystique) – Guidance Counselor
  • Eisenhardt, Max (Magneto) – Political Science teacher
  • MacTaggert, Moira – Biology teacher, romantically involved with the principal
  • Marko, Cain (Juggernaut) – Football coach, principal’s stepbrother
  • Xavier, Charles (Professor X) – Principal

Uneasy Allies

  • Day, Nathan (Cable) – Mysterious police sergeant
  • Fox, Tessa (Sage) – Shaw’s personal assistant
  • Frost, Emma (White Queen) – Principal of Frost Academy, private middle school
  • Gallio, Selene (Black Queen) – Local fortune teller
  • Proudstar, John (Forge) – Local Mechanic, Native American, James and Danielle’s father
  • Shaw, Sebastian (Black King) – Businessman, City Council member
  • Smith, Callista (Callisto) – Vigilante (guards homeless in New York)

Potential Threats

  • Essex, Nathanial (Mr. Sinister) – Prominent Biologist
  • Farouk, Amahl (Shadow King) – New York crime boss expanding trade to the suburbs
  • Grey, Christopher (Stryfe) – Strange drifter
  • Kelly, Robert – Junior senator of New York looking for an angle on re-election
  • Nur, En Sabah (Apocalypse) – Rich businessman, Indian
  • Oyama, Yuriko (Lady Deathstrike) – Yakuza assassin
  • Stryker, William – Local preacher bent on discovering the secret of the school
  • Trask, Bolivar – Mechanic and robotics expert

Graduates (College-Age)

  • Bishop, Lucas (Bishop) – Police deputy
  • Carosella, Guido (Strong Guy) – Roadie for Lila
  • Cassidy, Sean (Banshee) – Police deputy
  • Cheney, Lila – Rock singer
  • Creed, Victor (Sabretooth) – Thug
  • Howlett, Logan (Wolverine) – Cool kid
  • LeBeau, Remy (Gambit) – Thief and con artist
  • Thurman, Nina (Domino) – College student

High School Students

Popular Kids (“Xavier’s Pets”)

  • Drake, Robert (Iceman) – Junior, track and field star
  • Grey, Jean (Phoenix) – Junior, cheerleader
  • McCoy, Henry (Beast) – Junior, Wrestler and science magnet student
  • Munroe, Ororo (Storm) – Senior, African
  • Rasputin, Peter (Colossus) – Sophomore, Russian
  • Summers, Scott (Cyclops) – Senior, Basketball forward, class president
  • Worthington III, Warren (Angel) – Senior, Rich kid

Misfits (“Eisenhardt’s Freaks”)

  • Allerdyce, John (Pyro) – Sophomore, troubled
  • Darkholme, Anna-Marie (Rogue) – Sophomore, Raven’s adopted daughter
  • Dukes, Frederick (Blob) – Junior, big and violent
  • Eisenhardt, Pietro (Quicksilver) – Senior, Max’s son from estranged marriage
  • Eisenhardt, Wanda (Scarlet Witch) – Senior, Pietro’s twin sister
  • Petrakis, Nikos (Avalanche) – Junior, Greek
  • Toynbee, Mortimer (Toad) – Freshman, weird kid

Other Students

  • Blaire, Alison (Dazzler) – Sophomore, music major
  • Braddock, Elizabeth (Psylocke) – Sophomore, English (Half-Japanese)
  • Dane, Lorna (Polaris) – Freshman, into physics
  • Madrox, James and John (Multiple Man) – Freshman, “Twins”
  • Pride, Katherine (Shadowcat) – Freshman, likes computers
  • Proudstar, James (Warpath) – Freshman, Football player, Native American student
  • Southern, Candace – Junior
  • Summers, Alexander (Havok) – Freshman, Scott’s little brother
  • Tanaka, Opal – Junior, Japanese
  • Wagner, Kurt (Nightcrawler) – Sophomore, Homeschooled
  • Xavier, David (Legion) – Freshman, special-needs student
  • Yoshida, Shiro (Sunfire) – Junior, Japanese

Middle School Students

  • Cassidy, Theresa (Siryn) – Sean’s little sister
  • Crestmere, Allison (Magma) – British
  • Dacosta, Roberto (Sunspot) – Brazilian
  • Guthrie, Sam (Cannonball)
  • Lee, Jubilation (Jubilee) – Chinese-American
  • Manh, Xian Coy (Karma) – Vietnamese
  • Proudstar, Danielle (Moonstar) – Native American, James’ little sister
  • Ramsey, Doug (Cypher)
  • Rasputin, Illyana (Magik) – Russian, Peter’s little sister
  • Richter, Julio (Rictor) – Hispanic
  • Sinclair, Rahne (Wolfsbane) – Irish
  • Smith, Tabitha (Boom-Boom)

Elementary School Students

  • Cheung, Lee (Leech) – Chinese
  • Guthrie, Paige (Husk) – Sam’s little sister
  • Gywnn, Megan (Pixie) – Welsh
  • Ichiki, Hisako (Armor) – Japanese
  • Maddicks, Arthur (Artie)