I ran CthuluTech yesterday to test the system out, and it went pretty well. I ran the session convention-style: pregenerated characters for a limited scenario intended to be played in one session. It’s loosely based on one of the scenarios from the core book, but I felt that was too railroady and combat heavy.

Here are the files:

Combat takes way longer than I expected, so we took about 8 hours to do half of the module. It also takes a little while to get going before the first sets of events get triggered by time passing: you might want to give the players daytime assignments for the first day that keep things moving until events start to happen. Even though I used fewer mechs than the book’s scenario, I only had time for one mech fight: Migou dodge like crazy, so fighting them involves a ton of missing.

I’m likely starting on the TechNoir system review this week, then CthuluTech will follow. Are there any games called [Something]Cthulu? I feel like I’ve established a pattern and need to keep it going 🙂 .