CthuluTech: Scare Where

Dude, your next door neighbor is a Dhohanoid.

Those are myths, man. Everyone’s just pissed at the Chrysalis Corp because they overcharge on stuff. They’re not secretly run by monsters.

Really? A high ranking Chrysalis Corp executive moves in next door to you, people start to go missing, and he’s obviously renovating his apartment into a fortress. He’s clearly up to some shit.

This is the New Vegas arcology. There’s a giant rift to who knows where thirty miles south of us. People are going to go missing. They probably went outside and got eaten by a monster. We’ve still got gene scans to get inside. Occam’s Razor.

Sure, they slapped this thing up as an evacuation center when the rift opened and it ballooned into a full arcology in six months. You think they didn’t leave holes in the security? Look, I know this guy, Peter Vincent.

The guy who stars in the Migou Fighting Action Hour show?

That’s just his cover. He’s a member of the Eldritch Society.


They’re not a myth. My cousin in Atlanta got saved from a bunch of cultists and monsters by a freaky other monster that didn’t eat him. It’s the worst kept conspiracy in the world. Monster superheroes.

I’m not going to go break into the studio wing, tell a local celebrity that I think he’s a shapeshifting vigilante, and ask him to deal with my neighbor just because a crazy guy claims he’s a Dhohanoid.

Your funeral, then. Better hope he doesn’t come after your girlfriend or your mom…