D&D: Thor’s Legacy

Asgardians, I know you have questions. You came here seeking Odin, the All-Father, missing from Asgard these many years. You took the Rainbow Bridge and found yourself here. It is not any of the realms you know. Odin made it, a pocket realm on a far-flung branch of Yggdrasil. He hoped what he learned here would provide a defense against Ragnarok, until he was betrayed. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

When he made this world, he did not make it alone. He created two young godlings, mighty Thor and wise Loki. Your powers are reduced here, as far as you are from the heart of the World Tree, but the three of them together were able to shape and direct this world. The people here are strange, but perhaps the denizens of the other realms were similarly strange in the first years after they were formed by the gods. Odin did not know exactly what he sought here, but the runes had told him to build, and so he did. Under the gaze of Odin, the protection of Thor, and the cunning of Loki, the people of this world were forged into a mighty society in an eyeblink of mortal terms.

Then, something miraculous happened. Some of the denizens in the second generation were born as Valkyrja, blessed by death. The All Father believed that they were the secret that he had been sent to discover: for in the oncoming death of the gods, what greater allies than choosers of the slain? Yet on that day of celebration, as all the new Valkyrja assembled, Loki revealed his true colors. He believed that this world was proof against Ragnarok, and was content to rule it himself. In a master stroke he defeated Thor, drove Odin out into the wilderness, and began to purge the Valkyrja.

We have been on the run ever since. Loki cannot contend with the guile of the All Father, but he controls the only access to the Rainbow Bridge. And now you are trapped here as well. Were you back in Asgard, you could harness your might and smash any threat in this world like a bug. But, here, your only advantage is fighting skill and rune magic beyond the capabilities of the natives.

My name is Hela, and I am the last of the Valkyrja. I can take you to Odin, though the way is hard. We must assemble what allies we can, break Loki’s power base as best we are able, and, ultimately, fight our way to the Bridge. The death of the gods is growing ever closer, and if your race is to have any chance of survival, you must escape and take me with you. Together, we can defeat inevitability itself. But only after we first defeat the god of deceit.