Technoir is out. It’s cool. I got to run it yesterday. It was fun. I made a transmission to make sure I understood how they work. It is below. My WordPress theme breaks transparent pngs and gifs. I don’t know why.

Atlanta Arcology

A Technoir Transmission



Atlanta had always been something of a bubble: an urban nexus crouching in the rural South. Several factors conspired to make this metaphor literal. The number of commuters finally overwhelmed the capacity of the roadways, resulting in hours of total gridlock daily and record smog. Tornadoes and hurricanes became more prevalent, channeling their force through the skyline and dealing millions in damage yearly. At the public outcry, the city invested in a massive experiment: the entire city within the perimeter was placed underneath a dome. The roadways were replaced with an extensive public transport network. The city had become the largest arcology of its day.


It didn’t take long for the dome to start breaking down. Rain falls in spouts through broken segments of the glass. It proved impossible to catch all the polluters, from major factories down to barrel fires, so pockets of smog are trapped in by the dome. The areas to the northeast of the city, already the homes of the affluent, found themselves in the lee of the dome, the massive structure protecting them from the weather without worry of its restrictions. A realm of wealth now clutches like a parasite on the shoulder of the arcology.


Perhaps the greatest reason for the failure of the experiment was that it hedged out the homes of the rich while locking in the inner city. Few that could afford luxury had lived within the perimeter for decades. The rich commute in during the day, but are sure to be safely home after dark. When night falls, a multitude of gangs ply the streets of the city, their territories shifting wildly based on which of the MARTA transit lines are currently under repair. All of these factors have, however, solidified Atlanta’s role in the world stage: it is the foremost exporter of urban music and culture in the US, and there are few “street” celebrities that can claim the name without a stint running in the city.

Master Table

1 2 3
1 Connections Omar Ong Lotus Jones Malcolm Priest
2 Events Plane Crash Hurricane Mala MARTA Freeze
3 Factions The Vigil Cox-Turner Consolidated Westside Runners
4 Locations Five Points Station Buckhead Alpha Sector
5 Objects Stealth Bike The Body Explosives
6 Threats ATL Security Vandals Local Sports Team
4 5 6
1 Connections Zan Song Xian McCabe Kalista Cox
2 Events 400-Gate Explosion New Coke Midnight Concert
3 Factions Phoenix Records Terminus Association CCFL Industries
4 Locations Grady Memorial Airport Gate CDC
5 Objects Ghayda’s Gun Train Brain ePaint Can
6 Threats The Trainman Gangbangers Rapid Response SWAT


  • Omar Ong
    • Westside Runners Lieutenant
    • Favors: Deal, Fence, Fix (Guns, Weapons, Armor)
  • Lotus Jones
    • Upcoming Interface Singer/Dancer
    • Favors: Date, Deal, Shark
  • Malcolm Priest
    • Alpha Sector Pawnshop Manager
    • Favors: Chop, Fence, Fix (Armor, Gear, External Computing), Ride
  • Zan Song
    • Maniacal Gang Doctor
    • Favors: Fix (Cybernetics, Drones), Splice
  • Xian McCabe
    • Gang-respected record producer
    • Favors: Date, Deal, Shark
  • Kalista Cox
    • Heiress to Cox-Turner Consolidated
    • Favors: Date, Ride, Shark


  • Plane Crash: A plane misses the airport and crashes through the SW corner of the dome.
  • Hurricane Mala: A particularly intense hurricane blasts the dome, breaking glass and surging through holes.
  • MARTA Freeze: The entire public transit system goes into an unexpected maintenance freeze.
  • 400-Gate Explosion: The primary exit from the dome into Alpha Sector is hit by an explosion during rush hour.
  • New Coke: The CCFL corp announces a taste testing of their new soda now that denatured Coca leaves cannot be obtained.
  • Midnight Concert: A world famous pop act stages a concert downtown well after dark, attracting citizens that would normally be outside by then.


  • The Vigil: A secretive organization that has long manipulated events in the city to keep it from destruction
  • Cox-Turner Consolidated: The foremost media conglomerate in the Southeast
  • Westside Runners: Currently the most powerful gang in the arcology, centered in the west
  • Phoenix Records: A major label for urban entertainment, holding the contracts of most local stars
  • Terminus Association: The transit authority for the city, controlling most of the local infrastructure
  • CCFL Industries: A local snack food and beverage conglomerate with a long history in the city


  • Five Points Station: The massive central nexus for most of the city’s MARTA lines
  • Buckhead: Still the most happening and dangerous area of local nightlife
  • Alpha Sector: An upscale neighborhood immediately to the north of the city outside the 400-Gate
  • Grady Memorial: Many victims of gang violence wind up at this enormous, centrally located hospital
  • Airport Gate: Weather difficulties frequently strand travelers at hotels inside this southwest gate
  • CDC: The Centers for Disease Control still have a massive complex in the city


  • Stealth Bike: A switchblade bike built to navigate pedestrian terrain and automatically hack and block all cameras and tracking routines
  • The Body: The body of a martyred ganger/Interface star… though some say he was infected with something after breaking into the CDC
  • Explosives: A stash of high-powered explosives taken from a nearby military base
  • Ghayda’s Gun: The archaic 45 of a historic singer stolen from a museum: unhackable, untraceable, and still able to kill
  • Train Brain: The stolen core processing circuits from a MARTA switchboard: could be hacked to cause havoc in the city
  • ePaint Can: A prototype device that creates difficult-to-unhack augmented reality graffiti


  • ATL Security: Heavily armed bodyguards and security contracted to most major corporations and corporate VIPs
  • Vandals: A gang/cult primarily dedicated to causing chaos and breaking down local infrastructure
  • Local Sports Team: Pro sports players sometimes contract out as muscle for different factions, their fame putting them above reprisal
  • The Trainman: A local assassin rumored to pose as a homeless man and strike when you’re ignoring him on the train
  • Gangbangers: Armed members of a local gang
  • Rapid Response SWAT: Helicopter-dropped enforcement for major crimes

I hope to have stats for everything next week in part 2.