D&D: The Last Avengers

Though it has only been a few years, it feels like forever ago that the lich lord rose, his bloody skull becoming a nightmare throughout the lands as his army of monsters emerged to support, and then to supplant, the purely mortal soldiers of the Iron Kingdoms. He wielded great magics and led forces regarded only as fictions from the Age of Myth.

The ancient elven adept, Brahim, master of the Ur Skein, had spent years unraveling history through magic. He had learned that an age of great wonders had ended long ago, and sought out ways to restore the heroes of the past. The man who would become the lich lord captured him, stole his notes, and proceeded too quickly on his quest for the phenomenal might of legend. His first spell cursed him with undeath and drove him mad, and he has created more and more variants of his bastardized ritual, transforming men and beasts into twisted monsters meant only for war.

Brahim escaped and reached our side. He worked for months to improve his spells, to eliminate the terrible flaws that had made monsters rather than heroes. We were specially selected to be the first to receive the gift: a company of heroes in the style of old. In a world of adepts, we would practice true sorcery and channel the full might of the gods. In a world of warriors, we would become fighters, rangers, and paladins. In a world of experts, we would become rogues, bards, and monks. He chose us for our honor and our conviction, not for our power… but augmented by his spells, our new might would allow us to strike at the very heart of the lich’s empire.

We were meant to be the first, but we were the last. Moments after we were raised up, Brahim was struck down. A storm of fire from a lich’s pawn consumed him and his notes, his knowledge lost. It was our small company left to lead the armies of men against the foul horrors our enemies had become.

It feels like forever, though it has only been a few years. I have seen friends struck down and lost, and others raised again and again to return to the battle. Our presence has turned the tide, for we have the might of whole armies amongst our small company. But we lose more and more beyond hope of resurrection every year. It is now time… time to make one last desperate strike to destroy the lich once and for all, scatter his notes to the wind, and break his army’s ability to make monsters.

Though we might not live to see it, we can give the last great empire of men the chance to win this war and once again push back the darkness.