Minor Artifact: Ring of the Beacon

Aura strong evocation; CL 20th

Slot ring; Weight


The Beacon is one of Sigil’s oldest and most reclusive factions. Their leadership is a closely guarded secret, and their membership is highly limited. They have but one ethos: prime material planes should remain free of exploitation by planar travelers until they have developed their own spellcasters that can join the multiverse voluntarily. To that end, developing realities each have one of their members of strong moral fiber offered membership in the faction. Those that accept gain possession of one of these rings and the mandate to defend his or her plane from interlopers. Only the owner of the ring can wield its powers. Upon the death of the owner, the ring will attempt to seek out another worthy bearer; failing that, it attempts to Plane Shift back to the Beacon stronghold in the Outlands.

This ring functions as a Ring of Protection +5. Additionally, it has the following abilities:

  • The bearer can activate or deactivate Fly at will as a spell-like ability (with an unlimited duration and a caster level equal to character level)
  • The bearer can cast Plane Shift 1/day (CL equal to character level). If in any plane other than the Outlands, this power automatically goes to the Beacon stronghold. If in the Outlands, the power automatically goes to a place of the bearer’s choice on his or her home plane.
  • The bearer is immediately aware of any planar intrusion on his or her home plane, and can identify the spell cast and the approximate location (to within 100 miles divided by spell level).
  • The ring functions as a staff (with 10 charges). Unlike a normal staff, the ring regains one charge per day and can regain charges faster if the bearer has access to a charging device provided by the faction. Also unlike a staff, the bearer must succeed at a Will save to successfully activate the spell (failure consumes the charges with no result). All spells appear as colored light that matches the color of the ring. The spells available to the bearer are:
    • Light (0 charges, DC 10)
    • Shield (1 charge, DC 11)
    • Mage Armor (1 charge, DC 12)
    • Scorching Ray (2 charges, DC 13)
    • Dispel Magic (2 charges, DC 14)
    • Dimensional Anchor (2 charges, DC 15)
    • Lesser Globe of Invulnerability (3 charges, DC 16)
    • Dismissal (3 charges, DC 17)
    • Interposing Hand (3 charges, DC 18)
    • Wall of Force (4 charges, DC 19)
    • Telekinesis (4 charges, DC 20)
    • Shadow Evocation (4 charges, DC 21)
    • Greater Dispel Magic ( 5 charges, DC 22)
    • Globe of Invulnerability (5 charges, DC 23)
    • Forceful Hand (5 charges, DC 24)
    • Banishment (6 charges, DC 25)
    • Grasping Hand (6 charges, DC 26)
    • Forcecage (6 charges, DC 27)
    • Clenched Fist (7 charges, DC 28)
    • Telekinetic Sphere (7 charges, DC 29)
    • Crushing Hand (7 charges, DC 30)