Letter to Valeria (by Haggor’s player)

Dearest Valeria,

We’ve only met a few times but I hope you’ll remember me. I am Haggor, the half-orc monk. We met first in Sandpoint and later in Magnimar. I took you as a stalwart woman of determination and purpose. It is for these reasons and another that I am writing to you. This last year of adventuring has led us on a trail to Xin-Shalast to face the Runelord named Karzoug. He is an evil, powerful tyrant from thousands of years past, and, if he’s allowed to reawaken completely and regain his powers, he will conquer all the lands and enslave all of the world with his vile magics. I wanted to write to you and warn you, for by the time you receive this letter we will have entered Xin-Shalast and be working our way to facing him. I wanted someone outside our group to be prepared should we fail, and your face came to me in my dreams.

I will do my best to retrace our footsteps. Enclosed with this letter you will find some maps I created to try and help you as best I can. The first map is to the location of the Runeforge, where you can use its power to craft weapons that can be used against the Runelord himself. The second map is, as near as we can tell, the route to Xin-Shalast. I wish I had more time to explain how we came to possess this knowledge or any other knowledge that might help you. But know that the Runelords are of an ancient civilization that once ruled all these lands, 10,000 or more years ago. They wield power beyond comprehension and, near the end of their reign, nearly destroyed the world itself before going into sleep.

If you do not hear from me in 1 month’s time you will know that we have failed, and that my final thoughts were of you. Know that, upon first having set eyes upon you, I was entranced by you. I wanted to go with you off to wherever your travels took you, but I am duty bound to see this quest to its end. The world will suffer under the chains of slavery and tyranny if we should fail, and I cannot just look aside. If I do not see you again in this life then I will seek you in the next.


(signature drawn with little eyes and fangs in a smile in the O)