• Traveling the wilderness is exhausting. Sleeping on the hard ground is bad enough without the constant fear of attack interfering with restful slumber. After days in the wild, only the most enduring heroes don’t begin to long for a soft bed or at least a night without having to go on watch.
  • To reflect this, rest is separated into two types:
    • Restful sleep is sleep in a secure location and/or in a real, comfortable bed or the equivalent. Essentially, the character must either have a truly comfortable rest or at least not have any fear of being attacked in the night.
    • Tiring sleep is sleep in a location that does not meet the qualifiers for Restful sleep: the character is sleeping in an uncomfortable location and has the stress of potentially being attacked in the night (this applies whether or not someone is actually put on watch).
  • Every night of Tiring sleep gives a character one Weariness token.
  • Once a character has Weariness tokens equal to or greater than Level + Constitution score, he becomes Fatigued until Weariness is again below this score.
    • The Endurance feat adds +4 to this score.
    • Temporary Constitution increases (such as from Rage) that push the character over the Weariness threshold remove the fatigued condition while the character’s score remains higher than the threshold.
  • Every night of Restful sleep reduces the character’s Weariness tokens by an amount equal to level.
  • Essentially, low level characters can spend 1-3 weeks in the wilderness before becoming Fatigued by the ordeal, and recover slowly in civilization. Higher level characters can be in the wilds for longer, and recover more quickly when given a momentary pause in their hectic lifestyles.
  • In general, Weariness tokens will be tracked for the entire party as a unit, as they are likely to raise and lower at the same rate for all members.


  • Characters gain an additional Weariness token for each week spent with rations as their primary food source.
  • Characters with Survival can use the normal foraging rules for the skill:
    • The entire party moves at half speed for a day that is spent foraging.
    • A character makes a Survival check (this counts as teamwork, not independent rolls, if multiple people make the check).
    • If the check meets DC 10, enough food is found for a single individual for one day. Every 2 points of success past the DC is another person/day of food. Essentially, food found equals (Result – DC)/2 + 1.
    • The base DC might vary in areas where food is easier or harder to find.
  • Characters with food-related Professions (such as Cook or Hunter) may use the Profession in place of Survival for foraging when relevant (e.g., Cook might not be relevant if the character is the sole food provider and there are no ingredients, but certainly would be if at least one other person is foraging and the cook is merely making the results go further).