I spent the weekend prepping for multiple games, so today’s just a glimpse into some of the challenges I used for one of them.

It’s a bright Spring morning in downtown Saturday Manhattan, where the newest YMCA gym for teens is being opened with a series of thrilling athletic competitions. The PCs are guests at the event, and are welcome to compete.

  • A pugilism contest featuring the great Jack Dempsey as referee. This is a single elimination match. Characters have a simple contest of the best of three rounds, with the winner moving on to the next match.
  • A single-elimination endurance weightlifting competition using the “Hercules” brand weights donated to the gym. There are five rounds, the difficulty of progressing to the next round with a Might roll is the current round number, and if the number of the current round is greater than Endurance, the difference is a penalty to Might.
  • A race along the new outdoor 1 mile track, two laps around. Each roll represents five minutes of running, and each roll after the first is limited by Endurance. The first to 14 successes (two laps) wins.

The team can split up to pursue the following leads, grouping by skills for one roll each:

  • Interrogate Minions (Intimidation/Rapport): 0 – Rigby was targeted as an artist; 2 – They were not acting alone; 4 – They are seeking the greatest treasure the world has ever seen; 6 – The key to the treasure is hidden by someone connected to the Museum of Art
  • Research Hieroglyph (Academics, Art, Mysteries): 0 – The symbols represent the Egyptian snake god Apophis; 2 – Apophis cults are very old and typically pursue Armageddon as a concept; 4 – They are typically interchangeable with cults of Nidhogg, Leviathan, St. George’s Dragon, and the Hydra; 6 – This glyph is fairly modern, likely a formulation of an active cult
  • Word on the Street (Contacting): 0 – Several other kidnapping occurred in the last day; 2 – All of the victims were artists and/or wealthy; 4 – Each victim was closely connected to the management of the Museum of Art; 6 – The Met itself was not broken into.