Finally, not long before dawn, they notice movement over the edge of the tower. A beautiful woman with a long, undulating, snakelike lower body flys onto the tower and begins going about her morning routine. Deciding that there’s no time like the present, the party leaps out of various hiding places and begins assaulting the creature, getting in several hits before she can react. She spares a moment to reach for her illusory spear, and grimaces as it is not there. Balekh taunts her about melting it down.

Unfortunately, that is where the party’s momentary advantage ends. Xanesha simply drifts away from the roof with her still-active flight magics and turns herself invisible. Balekh counters with a spell scroll, allowing himself to see her, and he directs the party where to shoot. Unfortunately, she is agile and hard to hit even when not invisible, and begins to armor herself even further in magics while taunting the party and floating around the roof. Taeva and Veshenga are having little luck hitting her with arrows and crossbow bolts, and her demeanor indicates that she’s just getting ready to do terrible things to the party. The first of these, finally removing her invisibility after her leisurely buffing period, is to attempt to turn Balekh to stone with a mask she has donned.

Realizing that this creature can simply plink away at them all morning, Haggor decides to try something drastic. Scooping up the rope they’d used to climb the tower, he ties a makeshift lasso and, unexpectedly, manages to get it around the floating lamia… now the world’s evilest balloon. He leans against the angel statue and tries to pull her down, but she is supernaturally strong and doesn’t quite drift low enough for the rest of the party to get her in melee. As she begins to slip her long tail free of the rope, he decides on even more drastic measures, loops the rope around the statue, and pushes it over. The floor creaks but doesn’t break until Veshenga and Taeva leap on the angel and barely manage to bound free as the statue plummets through the floor, crashing down towards the bottom.

Unfortunately, Xanesha is only pulled down to the level of the belfry before managing to extricate herself the rest of the way. The statue crashes to the floor below, and she hovers beneath the party. Balekh steels himself, quaffs the potion of tree form they’d long ago taken from the goblin druid, and falls down on top of the matriarch. With the weight of what is now a ten foot tree trunk bearing down on her, she and Balekh crash to the ground; the tree resists much of the impact. However, Haggor can still make her out struggling below, about to extricate herself and continue the fight or flee, so he also prepares himself, takes a running leap, and begins a 160 foot elbow drop onto the pinned lamia.

That’s it for the creature, and almost it for Balekh and Haggor. As Balekh wills the magic to fade, they both stand, and the women begin their long trek down from the roof via the intended method of the stairs, a huge and lumbering shape cries out and rushes towards them. Swinging a massive scythe, the creature seems distraught at the death of his mistress. Haggor takes a swing and barely affects the beast, suddenly realizing that they’re in no state to fight a golem. The two men rush up the nearby stairs, betting that they won’t support the golem’s large weight, as Veshenga begins to launch arrows at it.

Realizing it’s in a bad place, the golem rushes into a closed room to escape the rain of largely ineffectual but still-painful arrows. After a few moments it seems to realize that it’s no longer affected by whatever magics Xanesha had used to bind it into her service, and barters a deal with the party to leave them alone if they leave it alone. Not wanting to free an evil golem but without too much choice in the matter, the party agrees and the terrible creature slinks back out into the city. The party recovers loot and evidence, and then leaves as well.

Within a few days, the city is made aware of the terrible threat that has been stopped and the perfidity of one of its justices. For his part, Ironbriar manages to escape with most of his apparent henchmen, such that a raid of the sawmill turns up evidence but no evildoers. However, the Lord-Mayor is grateful enough after the revelation of the plot on his life and the thwarting thereof that he invites the heroes to a lavish dinner and rewards them even more lavishly for their service.

However, for their parts, the saviors of Sandpoint are impatient to leave behind the big and treacherous city and return to the small town that made them feel welcome.