The two remaining rooms are a study and an observatory. The study contains shelves full of books and collected memorabilia of distant travels, including a painting of some value by a Magnimarian artist, books on the Shoanti, and a pair of useful arcane scrolls. Taeva shakes off a compulsion here. The observatory features more stained-glass windows displaying a man and a woman of beauty and power. Taeva seems strangely interested in the window featuring the woman, but will not explain why. The man’s window is broken and boarded up, as if someone had crashed through it in the distant past; when Haggor finally risks entering the room, he has to resist the compulsion to fling himself through the window, wracked with the belief that he is on fire. Veshenga opens the tied-shut rooftop observing door and climbs out, but quickly retreats after the ghoulish crows begin to fly towards the roof.

Finally ready, the party waits in the observatory after rigging a rope to move the mirror in the next room. As they pull the rope, the revenant wails again, paralyzing them all with fear for a few seconds, and dashes down the stairs. Eventually, they recover and begin chasing after her, through all the floors of the house and down into the basement. As Balekh lags behind, Veshenga, Haggor, and the carried Taeva burst into what seems to be an old kitchen. Iesha is disappearing down a hallway, but she has disturbed what sounds like hundreds of rats.

As the three brace themselves, huge swarms of blind and cancerous rodents burst from one side of the kitchen. Half the swarm breaks to consume rations that the party threw into a corner, but the others roll over the three like a diseased cloud. They bite and tear as Veshenga and Taeva make slow work with their swords against the pile of beasts. Haggor does better, grabbing, crushing, and stomping, but is still being overwhelmed. Finally, however, Balekh rushes down the steps, assesses the situation, and produces the scroll he had found earlier. A sudden build-up of pressure is all the warning the rest have of the massive lightning bolt he flings across the room, obliterating most of the rats that had moved to consume the rations. With this group dead, the party is able to quickly dispatch the rest of the mess of rats, Haggor bodily rolling to crush more of them as they try to flee.

Rushing back after the revenant, they find her banging helplessly at a solid steel door right down the hall. They decide to explore the rest of the basement before letting her through, finding nothing of consequence in the old servants’ quarters and storage besides a few bottles of hidden, expensive wine. Taeva walks down the hall and carefully picks the lock on the door to let Iesha through, and the party examines the locked room beyond.

This was obviously a ritual chamber and study of a vile necromancer, and stained glass windows of Vorel undergoing a lich’s apotheosis cements the idea of what must have happened here decades ago. A vision assaults the party as Balekh leafs through old necromantic texts, of Vorel’s terrible transformation being interrupted by his wife—whose only thought was to stop this horrible ritual that he had hidden from her these long years. Taeva is overcome by a need to flee the house and find the long-dead child Lorey, but is restrained and eventually given a Protection from Evil to remove the compulsion.

As the revenant races deeper into the basement, the party turns a corner to find an old, uncovered spiral staircase to the deeps beneath the house. Veshenga is assaulted by a vision of a still-human Aldern digging this entrance free, with each strike chanting, “For you!” She knows that it was her of whom he was speaking. As he clears the last of the stones, ghouls surge up to drag him underneath, and then turn to savage the ranger. She is lifted bodily into the air, unable to snap free of the vision, and her friends look on helplessly as cuts and tears appear on her skin.

When the vision finally fades, she slumps to the floor… and begins to feel a touch of fever.