Revenant in the Attic, Ghouls in the Basement

The party continues to explore the haunted manor, room by room. On the second floor, they find more rooms with haunts and dangers:

  • A child’s bedroom burns Veshenga’s mind with a vision of huddling in fear, watching the battle between a torch-wielding mother and a tumor-ridden, knife-wielding father.
  • A musician’s gallery features more stained-glass windows, these hinting at spell components for necromancy.
  • A bedroom completely consumed with mold gives Veshenga and Taeva a fleeting vision that their own faces are being consumed by the illness, and it takes all their willpower not to try to tear their own skins off.
  • A bathroom features a precarious tub, which crashes through the floor as Taeva leaps away.
  • A master bedroom afflicts Taeva and Veshenga with a misogynistic wrath; Balekh calms their emotions before they can kill one another.
  • A gallery of paintings displays two families of Foxgloves, with a sudden cold haunt that reveals their deaths:
    • Aldern, a ghoul
    • Cyralie, his mother, burns and then breaks
    • Traver, his father, bleeds from a slice across the throat
    • Sendeli and Zeeva, still alive and in hiding
    • Lorey and Kasanda, the daughter and wife of the original owner, are turned into tumor-ridden corpses
    • Vorel, the first master of the house, erupts into fungus and tumors that tries to infect everyone in the room.
  • In an old bedroom, Taeva barely avoids the urge to take a spectral dagger and slit her own throat.

By this point, Haggor is steadfastly refusing to enter any rooms as they climb into the attic. This level features a number of storerooms and a loft of little interest. As they pass them, they hear a shriek of pain at the end of the hall, and rush to the room concerned. Within, the animate corpse of Iesha Foxglove seems trapped behind some crates by her own reflection in an old mirror. Based on these details, Balekh believes that she must have become a revanant, bent on destroying her murderer. He shares this fact with the rest of the party, and Taeva immediately decides to set her free by moving the mirror. Unthinking, the undead woman lets out a terrifying wail and begins to claw at the first obstacle between her and her wrath: Taeva. The gnome quickly re-sets the mirror, driving the woman back into her corner as the party discusses what to do. They decide to finish exploring the level, then set her free to lead them to Aldern.