Scarnetti had apparently been murdered yesterday or the day before, in the exact same manner. Relatively certain based on the latest clue that it is, indeed, Aldern Foxglove, the party also makes the leap that the targets seem to be misers, skinflints, and other greedy individuals. Balekh takes a moment to go talk to the local Thassilonian scholar and confirms that, indeed, the likely Thassilonian rune for greed did seem to also feature prominently on the bodies.

They take the rest of the day to prepare, then head out the next morning towards Foxglove Manor. The last path to the house is overgrown and treacherous, so the party scouts around to find some surviving farmers to leave their horses with before proceeding on foot. Within a mile, they are able to see the dilapidated house looming over a cliff. As they proceed past a burned-down outbuilding, they notice a deep well with unhealthy-looking crows perched on it. These birds fly off as they approach, and Balekh drops a stone down the well, confirming that it’s at least a few dozen feet deep and has water at the bottom. They decide not to risk jumping in, and just use their key to let themselves into the front door of the house.

The first sight that greets them is an enormous, mold and dust-festooned trophy room, the centerpiece of which is a stuffed manticore. Haggor smells a strange whiff of smoke, and Taeva thinks she hears crying upstairs. They wander through the center of the house, finding an odd monkey bellpull and skirting a weird patch of mold. The rear of the house is a large dining room with ornate stained glass windows blocking the view of the coast. They feature art of magical beasts being consumed by, in Balekh’s opinion, a necromantic, seven-sided box.

Moving on, they enter a parlor where dust is being strangely kicked up in front of the fireplace, as if by an invisible woman pacing. Taeva wanders up, hears a woman’s voice whisper “Lorey” and suddenly has to fight off an overwhelming urge to grab her child and escape the house, because of the horrible realization of what her husband is doing in the basement. The footsteps end after she resists this compulsion.

The next room is a bathroom, and Taeva puts down a bloated, tumor-ridden rat that seems to have gotten trapped in the tub. Moving on from that, they find a conservatory that is completely run down, featuring a nearly-destroyed piano. They look around, but nothing out of the ordinary happens, so they turn back into the entry hall to check the other side of the ground floor.

As the party walks back down towards the kitchen, Haggor brings up the rear. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees the manticore suddenly move. As he shifts to defend himself, it bursts into flame, its face changes to an unknown woman’s visage, and it stabs at him with its flaming tail. He falls to the floor and rolls to put out the fire, and as he jumps back up he sees that the monster is back in the same position as it started and his friends are looking at him like he’s crazy. He then shows off his new burn, convincing them that something strange just happens. They smash the stuffed beast, and throw the sawdust-leaking pieces out the front door. As they’re disposing of the body, they notice that there are significantly more crows perched around outside of the house, all looking in, intently.

Turning back inside and locking the door, the party proceeds again to the back of the house with no more manticore incidents, and turns into a room that is obviously a library. A fallen chair, a dropped scarf and book, and a blood-covered, broken bookend are testament to something bad happening here. Veshenga and Taeva examine the crime scene, being able to get little idea of what happened exactly, as Balekh tries to see if he can make out the subjects of the books without freeing them from their moldy embrace. As he gets to the bookshelf near the fallen chair, the scarf suddenly flies through the air and wraps itself around his throat. As he struggles to breathe, he suddenly sees a vision of Aldern Foxglove strangling him to death, and understands that he is filling the role of a woman named Iesha who was Aldern’s wife. Balekh struggles and finally the scarf falls to the floor as the vision ends, leaving raw red marks on his neck. He pockets the fallen scarf and the party moves on.

In the next room, a small study, a window is covered by a thick drape. Taeva decides to open it to look out, and sees a momentary flash of what she thinks is Veshenga behind her, but which she realizes is another Varisian woman before the apparition fades. It seems likely that this is Iesha, and Veshenga recognizes that as a Varisian name.

Moving back into the front hall, the party begins to decide whether to next go up or down… a discussion modulated by Haggor still seeing the spectral apparition of the absent manticore, a stuffed beast that is completely invisible to the rest of the party.