We could be happy underground

Their loot safely stashed with the warhorse, the party makes its way down into the dungeon proper via the back stairs. They emerge in an ancient dungeon, the goblin fortress on top clearly a much later addition. Old carvings are long worn away beneath goblin graffiti, and lanterns in the room hint that not just goblins use these halls. The room directly in front of them, specifically, seems to be arranged as a war room for the plan to attack Sandpoint.

Crossing the room, Taeva listens carefully at a door and hears muted arcane chanting within; by the time the party kicks in the door and attacks, the wizard within has already filled the room with her mirror image duplicates. Haggor is hit by an enfeebling ray that leaves him much weaker. Unfortunately, the mage’s ill-considered swipe at a passing gnome reveals her actual position. As with all single targets with no skill at wrestling, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion after that point. The stabbed and suplexed body of the mage falls to the ground and her body is quickly looted for useful items.

Further exploration leads the party through a goblin art gallery with a worrisome portrait of a giant goblin in the heart of the dungeon. Haggor corrects this by drawing in himself, even bigger, wrestling the giant goblin. With the ink already out, the party decides to draw a few mustaches on other art in the complex, including on the carvings that clearly led into a Lamashtu chapel. The group decides to bypass that for now.

Wandering into an area of the dungeon made of rougher stone, Taeva turns to explore just as Haggor experiences something unexpected: a monster grapples him. Yanked across the room by a bizarre, be-tentacled creature, Haggor works to get a fighting grip on it while it tries to inject him with organ-liquefying toxins. Fortunately, the creature is an expert grappler but not immune to stabbing, and Haggor is soon dropped by the dying creature.

After looting the monster’s rooms, they head back around into the dungeon proper, coming upon a series of residential rooms. Veshenga hears what sounds like the giggling of goblins within, and kicks in the door to what is perhaps the most horrifying sight she has yet seen in her short adventuring career: a naked bugbear pleasuring four goblin women in the chief’s pleasure den. Firing arrows as fast as she can to blot out the sight, the bugbear hero spins around, creating a breeze over the head of Taeva, who has darted in just in time to kebab his kidneys. As the nude, oversized goblin topples over, the party makes short work of the angry goblin women.