Within is a larger goblin, better dressed and with a pet giant lizard, being entertained by a goblin bard and three goblin commandos. He quickly tries to get the group to parley, inviting Haggor (the least armored and, theoretically, the most vulnerable) closer to talk. Haggor and the goblin chief spring their attacks at the same time. The chief takes a swipe at Haggor and then charges across the room on his mount towards Taeva. The commandos take aim at Haggor only to have one of three successful attacks contemptuously flicked away by the monk. The bard begins a rousing tune and then does her best to run away.

Taeva takes a swipe at the chief’s lizard mount, but has her attack negated by his superior riding skill… for all the good it does him as Haggor jogs across the room and begins crushing him to death. Veshenga impales the lizard that Taeva missed, and Balekh strides across the room to draw fire. And draw fire he does, as the commandos move to attack him, getting a few hits in and making room for the bard to flee. The chief struggles for freedom, but remains trapped. Taeva and Haggor decide not to take another prisoner, and he holds the chief while Taeva vivisects him from beneath with her twin swords. Balekh then smashes a commando to death with his staff, Veshenga staples the second to the door of the chief’s bedroom through an eyesocket, and Haggor drops the dead chief to crush the third’s head through the wall. The bard, meanwhile, rushes out and away, flicking off the bound druid as she goes.

Doused in goblin blood, the party cleans up and begins piling loot in the middle of the room. After thoroughly searching the bodies and the chief’s bedroom, they make a search of the remainder of the fort. Cautiously examining the courtyard, they find two goblin bodies trampled to death in front of an outbuilding. Throwing caution to the wind, Haggor rips the nailed-shut door open, revealing a starved but majestic looking warhorse. Veshenga manages to calm the rearing beast, and Taeva gathers food for it from a previously uncovered storage closet.

The horse taken care of (and identified by his bridle as “Shadowmist”), Taeva and Balekh explore the last hallway. Besides an empty room and another stairway down, they notice that the latrine doesn’t take up as much room as it should based on the dimensions of the other walls. Allowing Haggor to do the honors, they dive aside as he batters down the crudely constructed wall and reveals an old sea chest. Taeva disables its old, rusted trap and opens the trunk, revealing thousands of coins and other loot. They stash it in the outbuilding with Shadowmist, leave him plenty of food, and prepare to explore the dungeon below.