Goblin Teenagers at Camp Thistletop

The party, satisfied at having cleared the thicket, regroups at the rope bridge across to the island proper. Cautiously proceeding across the bridge, the group expects but encounters no resistance. Taeva crosses last, and notes that the bridge supports on the far side were designed to buckle and drop the bridge and all its occupants if too much more weight than a group of goblins tried to cross. She ties down the quick-release trigger, making the bridge far more stable, and keeps it in mind if a hasty escape is needed.

After a brief discussion over the morality of bringing along a goblin shield, and whether they can trust him to take his friends and leave, the group ultimately binds, gags, and blindfolds the captive goblin druid and leaves him near the edge of the island cliff to be recovered later. While the group thinks they hear goblins on the far side of the island, opposite the poorly constructed goblin fort, they don’t notice any immediate threats, even on the two guard towers. Even the large front door of the flotsam stronghold is ajar. The party proceeds inside quietly.

Within is what appears to be some kind of trophy room, the walls adorned with pelts of various dogs, horses, and even a pair of large leathery wings. Taeva sneaks down the rightmost hallway and soon notices snoring in what must be a goblin barracks. Gesturing to Haggor to initiate the fight, he kicks in the door and assaults the half dozen sleeping goblins. The first is crushed to death and thrown as a lethal missile at the second, the next two fall to a flurry of blows, and the final pair is also taken out without a scratch to Haggor (though one does manage to scream for help). Within moments, a pair of goblin commandos that had been playing cards at the top of the guard tower charge down the stairs only to find a hallway full of enemies. The first is impaled by Veshenga’s arrows and Taeva’s swords as he stares dumbly through the door. The second is quickly put down by a tumbling Haggor. With eight goblins put down in about half a minute, the party doesn’t hear any other sounds of alarm.

Climbing up the now vacated guard tower, the party gets a good view of a group of goblins and goblin dogs playing a cruel game with a seagull on the opposite side of the island. Veshenga, Taeva, and Balekh decide to see who can take out the most, and begin raining arrows and crossbow bolts down upon the unaware sporting team. Haggor decides to check on the other guard tower while they play with their victims. Before they notice what’s going on, nearly half of the goblins and their pets are dead, with only a single goblin rushing to the other tower to bang out an alarm. Unfortunately, just as a pair of pickle-thieving guards are waking from their ill-advised nap, Haggor pops up between them. One is flung bodily off the tower and manages to skip off the edge of the island and into the surf below. The other is picked up and dropped thirty feet onto the other screaming goblin, crushing both into a goblin paste. Balekh is just rushing out to deal with the last, fleeing goblin dog, and begins to square off with it as Haggor jumps and tumbles down the wall of the tower, smashing the dog with a falling elbow drop.

What could barely be called a combat over, the two men look over the edge of the cliff and note that the first goblin has already sunk into the surf. Haggor kicks a few more bodies into the sea, and notes that they are grabbed and pulled beneath the water, likely by whatever creature inhabited the sea cave beneath the thicket. Deciding not to worry about it for now, the group joins back up and takes the central route down the stronghold, kicking in a large door.