Goblin Education and Infestation, or Ghastly Goings-on at the Glassworks

The day after their boar hunt, the party decides to look for adventure around the town. Setting off to the Curious Goblin bookstore, Haggor and Balekh start browsing the overpriced books for ones on adventure, magic, and martial arts. Taeva and Veshenga get bored quickly, but Veshenga remembers the rumor she heard about the Varisian seer Madame Mvashti. She leaves Taeva, who wants to wait for the boys to finish, and cuts through the alley to the nearby oracle’s house.

Madame Mvashti gives her a warm welcome as a kinswoman, after confirming that she is not part of the Sczarni. Offering up a Harrow reading, Veshenga is shown her cards and, though the past makes some sense to her, the future is largely unhelpful. The seer complains about the death of the god of prophecy making such things little more than entertainments, before bidding Veshenga to come by to hang out at any time.

The books on adventure are somewhat lacking, so Haggor and Balekh bug the bookseller to give them the inside scoop on local hot spots. He suggests they talk to the local sage, who has a theory about the Old Light. They also ask about who would know the most about elves and goblins in the region, and he offers that he heard the local elven ranger and warder, Shalelu, entered town last night. They decide to go speak to this woman before visiting the sage, and grab Veshenga as she’s heading out from her visit with the seer.

At the Rusty Dragon, they find that their target is already being queried by the Sheriff, and he invites them along to hear what she has to say. At the mayor’s office, she spins a tale of burned farms and goblins on the march, certain that they’re being organized by some bigger power for ill ends. Hemlock decides that he needs to go to Magnimar to try to get some soldiers in case the goblins are planning another attack. He asks the party to maintain a presence as the local heroes, hoping that will ally some fears in the city. After he leaves, Shalelu invites herself to lunch with the party, and in return shares her knowledge of goblins.

Afterwards, they finally make their way to the local sage, and hear his outrageous theory about the Old Light being a weapon of war. They can’t seem to figure out how to get into it, though, and leave unhappy.

Later that week, the party is flagged down by a distraught woman with her two children. Her son was apparently complaining of a monster in the closet for days, and she didn’t believe him. The night before they had woken to a goblin killing the boy’s dog and trying to eat him. They rushed out, but couldn’t find the sheriff or figure out what to do, so they came to the heroes. Rushing to the house, the party finds the woman’s husband brutally murdered and partially eaten by a feral goblin that had been lurking in the closet. They dispatch the monster, but there is nothing they can do for the husband. They barely manage to keep the wife from suffering a breakdown, and turn her and the bodies over to the church.