Game Time: Late Summer, 4707
Real Time: January, 2009

Goblin Attack and Miscellaneous Courtings

The party arrives in Sandpoint on the morning of the Swallowtail Festival, hoping to show off their showmanship and, perhaps, finally find a hint of adventure after a long trek through a hot and listless Summer.

On arrival, the party enters a local tavern called the Hagfish. The bar surrounds a huge, scum-ridden aquarium that hosts the single ugliest fish any in the party have seen. While they just came in looking for breakfast, Haggor and Veshenga decide to try the bar’s challenge: drink and keep down a cup of water from the tank. Haggor does his best, but can’t keep down the swill, but Veshenga is able to pass the test and collect the prize of gold and silver coins. She wishes she hadn’t, though.

Later in the morning, before the festival, the group begins to set up and prepare for the day. Taeva begins trying to sell her skills as a locksmith, Haggor starts telling folks about the wrestling exhibition he plans to put on, and Veshenga makes certain of the time and place of the archery competition. This last involves a run-in with the proprietor of the White Deer tavern, who turns out to be the estranged brother of the town’s sheriff.

In the afternoon, Veshenga and Taeva compete in the archery competition. Taeva does very well, but Veshenga wins it with ease. They then head over to help Haggor with his wrestling exhibition, mugging for the crowd and warming them up to be thoroughly trounced.

As the high priest is calling the town together to consecrate the temple, suddenly, Goblins attack! These insane scamps prove to be no match for the party, however, and are quickly dispatched, with the party saving Aldern in the process. However, after following Belor Hemlock, they discover that the goblins were apparently a distraction. The body of the old priest has been stolen. A bit of expert tracking by Veshenga indicates that a demi-human, likely a male elf, human, or half-elf, seemed to be responsible. Taeva is not completely satisfied, and begins a thorough search of the town, exploring Chopper’s Isle for clues and finding nothing, and catching the local theatre owner in flagrante delicto.

Because of their heroism, the party becomes well known throughout town, frequently lauded as the saviors of the city. A few days later, a young lady approaches the party in the Rusty Dragon, hoping they can help with the rat infestation in her father’s general store. She claims that the problem is only big enough for one of them, though, and takes Balehk along to help. It turns out that she was just angling for an eligible male, however, and all that’s in the basement is a hastily assembled love nest. Balekh, fearing the wrath of her overprotective father, puts a tremendous effort into talking her out of this tryst.

Even later, finally catching up with Aldern, the party takes him up on his offer of a hunting trip. Throughout the day he proves a gentleman, talking about the party and his own life as an orphaned noble and mostly self-made merchant. Throughout, he seems to have a bit of a creepy crush on Veshenga, but that doesn’t stop him from answering the party’s questions about individuals in the town. They return from a thrilling boar hunt with several fine kills that are shared with the patrons of the Rusty Dragon.