For the past several months, I’ve been running the Pathfinder adventure path Rise of the Runelords. I’ve been writing up the adventures as they happen. I want to keep the rest of the stuff I’m writing for my players private so I don’t have to worry about whether or not content I’m repurposing infringes on what Paizo wants put online. Therefore, this seemed like an excellent place to post the campaign journal for the consumption of others.

This material should be considered to contain major spoilers for the Rise of the Runelords adventure path. Do not read it if you intend to ever play these modules.


There are four player characters for this campaign:

  • Haggor is a LN half-orc monk, trained in a strange brand of showy martial arts. He fell in with a Varisian caravan after his elderly teacher passed away, and is ever seeking greater wrestling challenges and more information about the secrets of his unusual martial style.
  • Veshenga is a CG half-elf ranger, trained in archery from a young age by her tribe of Varisians. Her father has kept the dark secrets of her birth from her, so she has turned out a good-natured and adventurous young woman. Yet she, like many half-breeds, is not altogether certain of her place between the societies of both parent races.
  • Taeva is a CN gnome rogue, specializing in twin blades and stealth but always on the lookout for a legitimate use for her less-than-savory skills. She’s frequently baffled why she can’t get honest work as a locksmith. She has been traveling with the tribe of Varisians for some time, for reasons of her own, enough to pick up some of their accent and become an honorary member.
  • Balekh is a NG human cleric, somewhat abandoned by his Shoanti tribe after bonding to Nethys, the god of magic, instead of an elemental spirit during his vision quest. He is searching the world for more mystical knowledge, and understanding of why Nethys came to him instead of a tribal spirit. He, too, fell in with the Varisians after long wanderings alone.

As we begin our story, the quartet has separated from the Varisian caravan in order to seek their own fortune.

Player Characters in the Rise of the Runelords Campaign  (Clockwise from top, Haggor, Balekh, Taeva, Veshenga)

Player Characters in the Rise of the Runelords Campaign (Clockwise from top, Haggor, Balekh, Taeva, Veshenga)