Originally posted October 2007

You have a normal game of the Sims, except one of the family members is a superhero. The family members have another meter tied to the superhero: Obliviousness. When Obliviousness gets too low, the family members’ happiness is impacted and they start picking fights, lowering the hero’s happiness. The hero has a Power meter that can be built up with certain household tasks, but which is reduced by having low meters in other areas.

If the hero works a job, it’s harder to keep his own meters up, but the family members’ Obliviousness stays high.

If the hero skips a job to keep Power up for heroing, the rest of the family loses Obliviousness, and starts stressing out about their roommate’s joblessness and/or dangerous life of heroing, causing them to pick fights.

The hero can opt to work as an open hero, and make money heroing, but villains will attack the family and reduce their happiness.

Actual crimefighting sessions would be a side game of some kind and game goals would be tied to reducing crime.