Originally posted September 2007

Serenity: It’s Only Forever

Some folk will tell you that Miranda was an isolated incident. They’re certain that the Alliance practices a firm list o’ ethics, and’ll only experiment on people if they’ve got no other choice. I know different.

I’ve put all of you together because you lost someone. Maybe you didn’t pay as much attention to a younger sibling as you might’ve. Maybe you cursed someone in anger, and regretted it when you never saw them again. Maybe the only rumor you’ve got to go on is a fancy, blond-haired juggler with too much of a smile and an Alliance badge.

I can tell you that the same happened to me, and we’re none of us gonna stop until we’ve found the truth. I won’t lie: there are dangers untold and hardships unnumbered ahead of us, but we’ll get to the center of what happened, and find why we keep hearing rumors of a hidden planet called Minos.

All I can hope is that the word I’ve heard is wrong. It said we’ve only got 13 weeks before our loved ones become lost to us, forever. That’d be a real pity.

Kingdom Quest

Nesmith’s troupe is known far and wide; probably better known than they should be. There’s not a lot of call for a handful of mediocre bards in most places around the region, but they’ve found the secret. Each of them is a shameless self-promoter; the stories of their exploits have outgrown them, even though they’ve never actually delved any deeper than the bottom of a wine bottle. Most of the villages in the region long ago realized that their stories were only so much hokum, and only keep the troupe around for the comedy value. Hell, the Dane guy who’s always going on about his fine Orcish traditions is obviously a human in bad greasepaint.

But not everyone knows that the troupe is full of so much manure. For years, the halls of the Svirfneblin deep gnomes have echoed the stories of the “great heroes,” and now that an impending draconic invasion threatens their homes, there’s only one set of adventurers that they hope can defend them. They’ve even come up with some interesting weapons based on the best stories, just in case the heroes have lost the originals. Is the troupe willing to let an entire society be crushed beneath the heel of the dragons, especially if it means losing what little cred they have left on the touring circuit?