Originally posted September 2007

Further narrowing down my Star Wars game concept where only episodes 4-6 are canon (here and here), I’d like to figure out which Force powers actually show up in the original trilogy vs. what powers were added in the expanded universe. I’m also interested in keeping the Dark Side powers as different methods of using the standard powers (to keep those that fall to the Dark Side from having to work harder to get their mojo, since the Dark Side is supposed to be faster and easier). From memory, I have:

  • Force Senses (Innate Power for the Use the Force skill): Use to overcome sensory penalties, use a lightsaber without personal danger, initiate telepathy between closely attuned sensitives, and receive minor flashes of precognition.
  • Force Push (Low-finesse TK): Use to shove, lift, throw, and tractor in objects, as well as to make force leaps and otherwise enhance athletic ability.
  • Force Wave (Mass TK): Use as special attack to shove lots of people or objects at once.
  • Force Manipulation (Mid-finesse TK): Use to manipulate objects in simple fashions (push buttons, turn knobs, etc.) or to choke or crush objects.
  • Force Precision (High-finesse TK): Use to make fine manipulations of objects like assembling a lightsaber in mid-air. Also, when used out of anger, it tends to agitate electrons in the air and become Force Lightning.
  • Use Lightsaber: Allows you to bring your Force skill to bear on using a lightsaber, rather than the normal melee skill, and to parry objects that should be too fast to block (such as blaster bolts).
  • Mind Trick (Minor Mind Control): Use to bend the minds of the simple for short periods (functionally, use Force skill instead of Persuade skill).
  • Mind Illusion (Moderate Mind Control): Use to create visions in the minds of others that will seem to be completely real. Unlike Mind Trick, the user does not have to engage in conversation with the target or even be perceived.
  • Mind Shackle (Major Mind Control): Use to gradually enslave minions to your will (functionally, use Force skill as Leadership).
  • A Moment Ahead (Minor Precog): Use to see a few moments into the future. The character can use this to receive bonuses on appropriate skills, such as Pilot or Melee. The character also receives uncontrolled visions of the future, often while dreaming.
  • Destiny View (Major Precog): Use to see the future up to several weeks ahead (even further for especially significant events). These visions can be clouded or outright wrong when multiple precognitive Force users are working at cross purposes.
  • We are All Connected (Telepathy): Use to initiate telepathy with non-attuned individuals.

That gives Luke essentially four powers plus the innate, so he can be built easily in Spirit of the Century, while leaving enough other powers to account for alternate specialties or badass older Jedi.