Originally posted August 2007

Since I still have hopes of some day running an Ultimate Star Wars game (a rethinking of the prequels with only the information from episodes 4-6 as canon), and based on my Star Wars tech unifying theory, here’s a brief alternate history of the universe that I was inspired to write this afternoon. (Or it could be close to the official history, I dunno.)

The Force is not just a religion, it is central to our society; those who deride it as merely myth know not their past, and are doomed to repeat it.

Aeons ago, the populations of a hundred worlds struggled against the limits of their science. Close neighbors exchanged messages, told one another their stories, but the universal speed of light made an impenetrable wall against their meeting. Cultures that could exchange words in beamed radio waves within a day would require years of travel to cross the gulf of stars between them.

But one day, the grid of communications began to fire with urgency. The stars were alight with attackers that moved from world to world, star to star, as if by magic. The Sith had come, bringing their unstoppable war machine from beyond the stars. With but a thought, the least of them could overwhelm the greatest technologies of the greatest thinkers of all the worlds.

Defeat was inevitable. For a thousand years the repressive regime of the Sith Empire crushed the populations of known space beneath its heel. Science faltered, light died, and all bowed before their Sith lords. The Sith repressed anything that might rise to threaten the power of their birthright.

But a millennium is a long time. In the dark age of the Sith, nonetheless a renaissance was occurring. Serfs and slaves were moved from world to world, and those long separated by space could finally meet and share ideas, friendships, and rebellion. Though the Sith carefully guarded the powers of the Force, enough was observed over the centuries that some could dedicate themselves to fathoming its secrets.

The war was long and brutal, and much of it was fought in freeing the minds of the people from the yoke of slavery and fear. Overwhelmed by their subjects, the Sith turned to their powers and found them countered by the emergent Jedi order. Each time a mob of rebels attacked, there were Jedi to protect them.

Within a century, the power of the Sith was broken, and civilization was emerging anew. Yet the loss of the Sith, too, meant the loss of faster than light space travel; the massive Force-workings needed to traverse the stars were beyond the self-taught Jedi. Full of the need to meet our brothers once more, we made what was perhaps a great mistake. The Force is faith, it is true, but any miracle that is repeatable can be analyzed and incorporated by science. Within another century, those with no sensitivity to the Force had, yet, made the Force central to their technology.

Ships bent space around themselves, moving as quickly as light. Fields of force could be tuned and shaped, making plasma weapons feasible and useful. Now the many races could touch one another. Now the many races could kill one another.

We have existed in some stage of war ever since, with the Jedi order doing its best to contain the worst atrocities of those that rely so heavily on the Force and yet discount its majesty. We had the powers of the Sith, but we refused to use them as our oppressors had done, and we have seen this decision bring us to the brink of ruin.

The Jedi order is dying, allowed to atrophy by those that refuse to admit that our religion is the soul of their science. When we are gone, who will keep the universe from sliding, once more, into a dark age of tyranny?